Chaos in Kungsängen, Man Shot – Couple Robbed in Gothenburg – Double Armed Robbery’s in Malmoe

So far Saturday evening. 2 armed robbery's against stores in Malmoe. Expressen Man and woman robbed by a gang of 4 in Gothenburg. Expressen Shooting in Kungsängen, north Stockholm. Victim with gunshot wounds taken to hospital. Different "groups" are fighting police which describes the crime scene as chaos. Expressen

Borås Hit Hard by Immigration Related Crimes

Even medium-sized cities such as Borås are now hard hit by organized crime and everyday crime. In the short term, concentrating police resources in these cities can be helpful. But the crucial thing is that more criminals are kept locked up. Borås, Borås - who could have believed this? Recently, Borås with its almost 70,000 inhabitants has been hit … Continue reading Borås Hit Hard by Immigration Related Crimes