Hand-Grenade Attack in Stockholm

Last night a hand-grenade was thrown in a stairwell in Bromsten west of Stockholm. The national bomb squad team was called to the crime scene. Source: Expressen Bombing in Linköping 2019 Last year there were 257 bomb attacks in Sweden. The amount of bomb attacks in Sweden is something you would see in countries in … Continue reading Hand-Grenade Attack in Stockholm

Bomb Explosion in Helsingborg

Last night just after 1 AM a bomb detonated outside the entrance of a car sales store in Helsingborg. The entrance of the store was severely damage. National bomb squad team has been working all night investigating the crime scene. According to police there has been about 1 bomb explosion every week during the first … Continue reading Bomb Explosion in Helsingborg

Bomb Explosion in Gothenburg – Young Girl Injured

A bomb detonated last night outside Gothenburg apartment building. Young girl was injured from bomb fragments and taken to hospital. The national bomb squad found another suspected bomb in a nearby apartment that had not detonated. Source: Göteborgsposten DW report: Bombs, Shootings are a Part of Life in Sweden "An attack that left a 15-year-old … Continue reading Bomb Explosion in Gothenburg – Young Girl Injured