Murder in Stockholm and Gävle – Attempted Murder on Police Officers

Earlier this week in Sweden: Man found dead outside Gävle apartment building. Police are investigating murder Expressen Man found dead in Södermalm Stockholm. Police are investigating murder. Expressen Car driver tries to run-over police officers - police use firearms. Expressen #lastnightinsweden #crimeinsweden #violenceinsweden

16-Year Old Boy Arrested for Attempted Murder

A 16-year old boy was arrested Saturday for attempted murder on another 16-year old boy. The victim was found Friday night outside in Vellinge with severe stabbing wounds. Police and media will not publish any details or circumstances surrounding the crime. Source: Göteborgs-Posten

Bomb Exploded in Uppsala – Update: Attack Targeting Police Officer

Last night another bomb exploded in Sweden. This time in a stairwell to a Uppsala apartment. The Bomb exploded around 5 AM. National bomb-squad team are working on the crime scene. Bombing in Sweden are the highest in the world among countries that are not in a war type state. Update: The explosion was a … Continue reading Bomb Exploded in Uppsala – Update: Attack Targeting Police Officer