This Publication

The purpose of this site is to bring international attention to the alarming development i Sweden. Decades of government mismanagement and left wing activism have eroded the foundation of our society causing turmoil and destruction.

Sweden used to be one of the safest and most peaceful countries in Europe with a very high level of trust among the population. Today Sweden has become the crime capital of Europe with shootings, bombings and robbery on a daily basis. Rape level is now among the highest in the world.

Sweden’s state controlled Public Service media has for decades been hiding this development from Swedish citizens and from the rest of the world.

What you will notice when reading Swedish crime news is that crimes are reported very vaguely and in low resolution. Witness reports and interviews are very seldom published. Never an interview in real time with a crime victim. The media almost never publish name and photos of suspects or convicted criminals. Swedish police have the same policy – to protect the criminals character and to protect the population from reality.

Sweden’s state controlled Public Service controls almost the whole populations perception of reality. The organization is dominated by Left wing activist, Green activist, Climate activist and LGBTQ+ activists. Nepotism is widespread throughout the whole organization.

State controlled Public Service and the rest of Sweden’s Mainstream Media do not publish Swedish crimes for a international audience. The State is very concern about the “Swedish image” in international press.

This is something we want to change.