Machete Robbery – Ambulance Attacked – Man Stabbed in Stockholm

  • Sunday night in Halmstad man in his 40s was robbed and threaten with a machete. Expressen
  • Today a ambulance in Sollentuna was attacked and vandalized during ongoing emergency call. Expressen
  • A man was severely stabbed in Stockholm today. The victim is in critical condition. Expressen

This is just a small selection of serious crimes in Sweden on a typical Monday. Besides these crimes a woman was cut with a knife when trying to stop a thief. A man in Hisingen was stabbed in his leg. Two men in Kramfors received knife wounds during fight.

Serious crimes in Sweden nowadays only get tiny notices in the media. No images, no interview with victims. No reportage. Police will never reveal ID:s or circumstances surrounding these crimes. Swedish police are extremely tight lipped and secret. Police are very concerned about protecting the integrity of the criminals. Its up to the reader to draw their own conclusions or go back to sleep.

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