Teachers are Beaten Every Day – What it´s Like to be a Schoolteacher in Gothenburg and Borås

The number of reports of violence and threats has increased dramatically in schools in Gothenburg and Borås. Now the teachers are appealing for help. – We have teachers who in special teaching groups are beaten almost every day, says Andrea Meiling, chairman of the Teachers’ Association in Gothenburg.

According to a survey conducted by SVT, the number of reports of violence and threats in schools in Borås has increased significantly since 2017.

Injuries increase almost 400%

At that time, 16 incident and occupational injury reports were reported to the city of Borås, in 2018 the figure was 19. In 2019, it was up to a total of 55 cases and this year, 57 reports have been received so far.

– This direct violence can end very badly. We have had stone-throwing and there have been cases where it could go much worse than what it actually did. It is very serious, says SO teacher Karl Hallerup to SVT.

Source: Göteborgsposten

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