Sweden becoming a Lawless Country – Criminal Gangs Set Curfew in Tensta

Residents in the district of Tensta in northwest Stockholm were set under curfew and banned from leaving their homes. But it was not the authorities that set the curfews – its was criminal gangs.

– It was people from these criminal gangs who were out and told citizens that you could not go out after 6 pm. That spread like wildfire among those living in the area, says Therese Rosengren, head of the police district in Rinkeby.

When asked what would happen to those who broke the curfew, she answers: – You could be exposed to very serious violence.

“Very serious”

On the afternoon of August 25, the police discovered that there were very few people outside in central Tensta. At the same time, the police received information that gang criminals had issued a curfew.

– I have not heard of it before. I am sure that the police take that information very seriously and make sure to make it clear that in Sweden Swedish law applies and it applies equally to everyone. No criminals are allowed to set boundaries for other citizens, says Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg (S).

The police state that there are several criminal clans in the Järva area and conflicts between them have led to several murders and attempted murders in recent times.

Roadblocks in Gothenburg

In August, it also attracted a lot of attention and a lot of debate about lawlessness when gang conflicts escalated and intensified in Gothenburg.

At that time, young, masked men set up roadblocks in several places in the Angered district. There, cars and drivers were stopped at checkpoints.

Damberg then called this “completely unacceptable”.

On Friday, Damberg held a press conference that the government wants to make it easier for the police to use covert interception and surveillance in the fight against criminal gangs.

Source: Aftonbladet

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