Two Police Officers surrounded and Attacked with Knife by Immigrant Mob – “They Were Going to Execute Me”

Report: Two police officers were in 2016 surrounded and attacked in a residential area in Borås. What began as a simple intervention ended in an assassination attempt. Four years later, one of the police officers tells about the incident for the first time.

– He was going execute me that day, says Eva Nilsson.

Swedens ridiculous low crime punishments

An immigrant from Iraq was first sentenced to four years in prison for attempted murder on Eva, but the sentence was reduced after new evidence was presented on appeal and the court found that he was 17 years old when the knife attack occurred. The perpetrator was then instead sentenced to closed juvenile care for two years and three months and expulsion from Sweden.

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, he left the country in October 2018. Another three people were convicted in the district court for violent rioting and attempted violence against an official. Two of them appealed and were acquitted in a higher court.

Source: SvD

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