Exchange Students Flee Dangerous Swedish Ghetto

Shootings, robberies, stabbings, rapes and school fires. Foreign exchange- and international students are now demanding to be transferred from ghetto ‘Tjärna Ängar’ in Borlänge, Sweden, due to the surge in violent crime. Mufassireen Ahmed is from India and is a representative of the student union International Students at Dalarna College. She is one of the main drivers behind the initiative.

‘’We demand a safer place, the increase in violent crime in the area is making students feel unsafe and stressed out, she told Nyhetsbyrån.’’

Mufassireen Ahmed came to Sweden to pursue her master’s degree 2018. She is one of the nearly 400 students that live in Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge, Sweden. She is active in Dalarna College’s student union as the representative for International Students. Along with Peter Huld, she wrote a letter that they sent to the principle of the college, the property owners and the local municipality. 

Continue reading at NB Nyhetsbyrån…

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