More Than 80 Bomb Attacks in Sweden so Far This Year

In the past year, criminal networks have begun to use more powerful bombs – and they have an increased tendency to carry out bombings in environments where the public can be harmed, according to a new report from the police’s National Bomb Protection that Ekot has read.

So far this year, there have been just over 80 bombs in Sweden, according to the police. That is a handful more than during the same period last year, and significantly more if you compare to further back in time.

The figures apply from 1 January to 15 September, and apply to detonations (not preparation or attempted general destruction).

At the Regional level , Stockholm has a clear upswing, compared with 2019.

While Region East – which consists of Jönköping, Södermanland and Östergötland – has had a downward trend.

In Region South, where the Operation Rimfrost operation took place during the spring, there were 31 bombs during the period, compared with 33 during the same period last year.

A report from the police’s National Bomb Protection, which came out on Tuesday, describes how organized crime has an increased tendency to use bombs in environments where third parties can be injured.

– Especially in stairwells. It is common, and it exposes the public to a great risk. After all, it is a short time between igniting something, until it detonates. The risk of someone stepping out the door, going out with the dog, or coming home is huge, says Marie Borgh, head of the national bomb squad.

This development has been noted over the past year. During the period, it has also been seen that the bombs used are more powerful than before. Someone the police see by analyzing the effects of the detonation.

– What injuries have there been. What does it look like on walls, equipment, vehicles, ground, splinters, and so on. And it is surprisingly often quite large damage, says Marie Borgh.

Anette Sahlberg in Gränby in Uppsala woke up last week from a bomb in the neighboring apartment.

– It feels uncomfortable and you are reminded now every time you go out and see this window. And then I think they could put this on the wrong window. Probably because I understand that they know where this person lived, but since there is only one window in between, it could just as easily have ended up on my window, she says.

No one was injured in the bombing in the Gränby area, which has been hit by several serious violent crimes in recent months. The police suspect that the incidents are connected to conflicts within criminal networks.

Source: SR

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