Police Report: Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia Refugees – Drugs and Violent Crimes in Gothenburg

Translation Expressen report:

In the middle of shops and restaurants in central Gothenburg, there is a constant and violent conflict over the drug market.

Police warn in an intelligence report of recurring clashes between ethnic-based drug networks with young refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia. Now the police fear that the groups will use firearms. – It is clear that we are worried that it will spread even more, says the police’s city manager Teodor Smedius.

At the end of July 2018, a black truck will travel through Europe. The journey goes from a truck center in central Portugal to Barcelona, ​​from Spain to the Netherlands and on to a truck depot in Malmö. On Monday, July 30, parts of the cargo – 60 kilos of hashish – arrive in Gothenburg in a rented Volvo V40.

The drugs are buried in secret hiding places in the Botanical Garden and in a forest area in Kviberg’s cemetery.

DRUG HIDDEN. At Kviberg’s cemetery, parts of the drug party were hidden.Photo: POLICE

And it is now the sellers in Gothenburg city take over. A minor, a refugee from Syria who in interrogation claims to be acting under gun threat, is allegedly handing over drugs to a network with other young refugees from Afghanistan.

So begins one of many stories about the increasingly open drug trade in central Gothenburg.

– Getting drugs is as easy as buying food in Ica, a 21-year-old told in one of GT’s previous reports about the drug trade.

Criminal networks behind the trade

According to the police, a number of criminal networks are behind the trade in the city.

According to an intelligence report from the police, which GT has read, ethnic-based networks have been pointed out as an important player in this market.

Fredsbron and Brunnsparken outside Nordstan are recurring places in the context of drugs.Photo: HANNA BRUNLÖF WINDELL
Järntorget and Andra Långgatan is an area that often occurs with regard to drug sales and where special criminal networks are active. The people in the picture are not the same people who appear in the text.Photo: HANNA BRUNLÖF WINDELL

According to the report, on family networks and ethnic networks, these are loosely composed networks of newly arrived young men and boys from Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia. 

According to the report, the networks are also linked to robberies and violent settlements.

“There are repeated large-scale violent clashes in central Gothenburg between young Afghans and, above all, young Syrians, but also Somalis where they are fighting for good outlets for drugs. There have been several knife cuts in connection with these riots and the police have on several occasions found the felling / street weapons.

The environments are described as “closed” and difficult for the police to investigate and obtain information about. 

Source: Expressen

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