Police Report: Members of Swedish Parlament Have Connections to Criminal Clans

In a secret report from the police, several members of Swedish parliament were singled out as linked to criminal clans. Two of the nominated members of parliament are (M) Moderates, one is (KD) Christian Democrat and one is (S) Social Democrat. Fria Tider is the first Swedish media to review the report from the police and publish names and ID:s .

The secret police report is called “Family-based criminal networks in Sweden” and was produced in January this year by the National Operations Department, Noa. Noah is a special intelligence unit within the police authority.

At the beginning of September this year, Deputy Chief of Police Mats Löfving clarified that there are about 40 criminal clans in Sweden, with the then unknown police report of 33 pages as the source.

– They strive to build a parallel society with a parallel legal system where loyalty and power lies with the family instead of with the state, Noa boss Linda H Staaf explained to  SVT  about the criminal clans.

– From a system-threatening perspective, it is very, very serious.

All clans mentioned in the police report consist of family networks originating in the Middle East. The police state that there are more criminal clans in Sweden than those with a Middle Eastern background, for example Somali clans that, among other things, support the Islamist terrorist group al-Shabaab. It is written that “however, it has not been possible to take a closer look at them within the framework of the report”.

Furthermore, the report states that “clan societies are common” in the Middle East and that “through their criminal activities, the networks receive financial gain. Threats, violence, extortion, drug and arms trafficking as well as money laundering are consistent features among the family-based criminal networks, but the individual networks also engage in other crime. “

The report points out about 20 cities and towns in Sweden where the clan criminals are active. In addition, 121 clan-criminal immigrants with full names and social security numbers are named. The 121 named are only a selection of the clan criminals in Sweden, but they have been included in the report as they are either judged to have an “oldest” role in the clans or are “leading” or “particularly criminal”

According to the police, the first clan-criminal politician to enter the Riksdag was Yilmaz Kerimo. He officially represented the (s) Social Democrats in the Riksdag between 1998 and 2017. Unofficially, however, he was a representative of the so-called Södertälje network, a criminal clan based in Södertälje, which consists of Syrians. The Syrian clan consists mainly of immigrants from Turkey.

From 2010, Kerimo was joined by three more representatives from the criminal clan. Two of them were Massut “Metin” Ataseven and Edip Noyan, who were both members of parliament for (M) Moderates from 2010 to 2014. The third was Robert Halef, who since 2010 is a member of parliament for (KD) Christian Democrats and still sits in the parliament for the party.

In addition to members of the Riksdag, the Södertälje Network has representatives in Södertälje’s City Council. They have infiltrated the municipality with officials who help the clan with, for example, building permits. Clan members also work at both the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Public Employment Service to ensure that the clan receives grant money.

According to the police report, the Södertälje network has “incomparably the greatest influence on political life at both municipal and national level”. They have so-called enablers and infiltrators in municipal and state administration. The police assess that leading criminal actors within the Södertälje network have a good ability to make, for criminal activities, strategically important contacts at official level within Södertälje municipality and within authorities. It appears from the report.

Although the Syrians are singled out as one of the more problematic immigrant groups when it comes to clan crime, they are far from the only ones organizing in such clans. Another problematic group of immigrants who are singled out by the police are so-called mardellia Arabs, who are sometimes also called mhallami, mardinli or mhalmites.

It is about an Arab-Muslim ethnic group that originally comes from Turkey.

The Ali Khan family, a clan that is mainly active in the Gothenburg area, consists of Mardelli Arabs. Unlike the Syrians in the Södertälje network, the Arabs in the Ali Khan clan have a much harder time infiltrating the municipality or the authorities “because the members lack higher education”, the police state. Instead, the clan relies on violence, threats and harassment, often against authorities and officials, to get its way. If necessary, they call in clan members from Germany and the Netherlands.

A quarter of the clans, ten of them, can instead be linked to immigrants from Palestine. There are also criminal clans in Sweden formed by immigrants from Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, the police state in their secret report.

Source: NB NyhetsbyråFria Tider

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