The Costs for Shootings in Stockholm This Year: SEK 10 Million

The number of shootings in Stockholm has increased in recent years. At Karolinska’s trauma unit, 38 patients have been treated with gunshot wounds this year at a total cost of more than SEK 10 million. 

– We have received more seriously injured from shootings and knife violence than we have ever had before, says Lennart Adamsson, operations manager at Karolinska’s trauma unit in Stockholm, to the TV channel.

He tells SVT that they have seen a fivefold increase since they began measuring the number of injured in the trauma unit in 2005.

A patient with a gunshot wound costs an average of SEK 266,000 to treat. Between 2009 and 2019, a total of 400 people with gunshot wounds were cared for in the Stockholm region, according to the TV channel. This corresponds to a cost of SEK 100 million.

The Stockholm region has seen a threefold increase in the number of people being cared for for gunshot wounds.

Tobias Nässén (M), care and freedom of choice regional council, is now sounding the alarm and telling SVT that they “must break this development”.

– All extra efforts we are forced to make take resources from elsewhere because there are no unlimited resources.

Source: Epoch Times

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