Teenager Killed in Eskilstuna Shooting

Thursday evening around 8 PM a man was shot and killed on a public square in Nyfors Eskilstuna.
Source: Expressen

(Update Expressen 2020-09-20)

On Thursday, a 16-year-old boy was shot to death in Eskilstuna.

Josef Nsumbu, pastor of the congregation to which the family belonged, urges everyone in the community to stand up against the violence. – This is not just a matter for the police and authorities. We must all wake up, he says. 

After an alarm about loud bangs in the district of Nyfors in Eskilstuna on Thursday evening , a seriously shot 16-year-old boy was found. He died during the evening of his injuries.

In S:t Eskilskyrkan not far away there had been a management meeting during the evening, and Pastor Josef Nsumbu was about to lock the church gate when he saw a woman who belongs to the congregation run out of her house, crying and screaming. – I took her in my hands and asked what it was. She could not say anything – she just cried and cried – but her younger son said: “My big brother has been shot and he is in hospital”, says Josef Nsumbu.

Together they went to the hospital, where it was clear that the boy’s life could not be saved. The mother got to see the body before it was moved to forensic medicine.

Police: Risk of retaliation

The next morning Josef Nsumbu opened the assembly hall for those who wanted to gather and mourn, and in the evening a devotion was held at the crime scene, not far from there. – It was very moving. There were a lot of people, many crying young people, worried faces, he says.

The pastor read a Bible verse and called for love. – I said that it is through love that we can build a country. It is not just a matter for the police and the authorities, but for all of us.

The police have stated that they knew the 16-year-old and that the murder may have connections to “criminal networks”. There is also concern about revenge actions by the police. – There is always a risk of retaliation, but we want to try to counteract it, Mikael Backman, head of police area Sörmland, said in a statement.

Placed on HVB

The murdered boy came to Sweden as an asylum seeker with his mother and siblings a few years ago and they soon became part of the congregation. In 2017, the boy began in confirmation teaching with Pastor Nsumbu. – The picture we had of him then was a very calm and kind guy. As the eldest of the children, he helped his mother care for her younger siblings.

But at about the same time, he became involved with the social services, documents from the administrative court show. He was considered to have an outspoken behavior and had been suspected of various crimes, and he was placed in an HVB home.

In the autumn of 2018, a new investigation of the social services was initiated. The boy had then escaped from his HVB home and been driven to the forest, where he was beaten by several people. However, he did not want to make a police report, but stated that he wanted revenge.

Following a decision on immediate care, he was placed in a new HVB but was soon relocated after threatening and ending up in a fight with another resident.

Murdered 400 meters from his mother

The social services’ investigation showed that he had “norm-breaking and criminal values” and that there was a “risk that he would end up in situations that are life-threatening”. His mother admitted that he would be forcibly taken into care. He himself thought that the care could be done voluntarily. He denied that he belonged to any gang but stated that someone he did not know was pressuring him for money.

On Sunday, he would come home to the family to celebrate his 17th birthday, according to Pastor Nsumbu. But he never got to experience that day. – 400 meters from mother, where he is murdered, says Josef Nsumbu.

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