Disorder in Swedish Public Baths and Libraries

A new report from Brå , the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, shows that crime and disorder occur in most public baths and libraries in the country to such an extent that it creates insecurity for visitors and is negative for the staff’s work environment. 

However, the variation is large between different libraries and public baths in the country. Most disturbances are reported from libraries and public baths in larger cities and with larger premises.

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In most public baths, there have been riots in the last twelve months. Threats, harassment and sexual abuse have occurred in a large number of public baths, while violence against staff or other visitors has occurred in around half.

All libraries have been exposed to crime and disorder in recent years, and the most exposed libraries are located in or near a major city. Most libraries have had drunken visitors, and in some cases there are drug sales on the library’s premises.

The report has been commissioned by the government to form the basis for the question of whether it should be possible to apply a ban on access to public baths and libraries.

According to Brås’ assessment, there are partly preconditions for introducing a ban on access to the libraries and public baths that are worst affected, as it is often the same people who disturb and commit crimes. In a large proportion of cases, the persons are also of punishable age, ie 15 years or older.

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Source: Nyheteridag

One thought on “Disorder in Swedish Public Baths and Libraries

  1. It is strange to think of there being so much trouble happening in Libraries, of all places. Because you think of them to be somewhere really safe and peaceful, but obviously not always…


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