Murder Conviction in Boden – Sentence Reduced From 13 to 1,5 Years in Prison

This June, a syrian migrant was convicted for the murder of another migrant at Boden railway station. Three men, all migrants, took part in the beating and stabbing of the victim.

The district court of Luleå sentenced the 21 year old Ayman Alksh to 13 years imprisonment and expulsion från Sweden. Alksh had previous convictions for drunk driving, possession of narcotics and carrying a knife in a public place.

The Court of Appeal now overthrows the district courts sentence. The court does not consider it clear that Ayman held the knife, although all three men participated in the battery and assault. Therefore Aymans sentence is reduced to 1,5 years.

Nor will he be expelled from Sweden, due to the courts assessment that he is ”well established in the Swedish society”, despite being a convicted criminal prior to the stabbing.

Boden is a small city situated in the far north of Sweden, close to the arctic circle. The municipality has 28 000 inhabitants. Half the population is aged 50 years or younger. Of those 12,5% are migrants, as a result of Swedish immigration policy.

Source: SVT Expressen

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