Classified Statistics Reveal Police Officers on the Streets Decrease – Despite Alarming Crime Increase

The Swedish police union are now publishing classified statistics showing that police officers on the streets are decreasing despite the alarming increase in violent crimes.

In 2015 there was 9226 police officers on the streets. 2019 there were only 9049 police officers on the streets despite large increase in crimes.

Extreme population growth, souring crime rates and fewer police on the streets is a dangerous combination. The reason fewer police are on the streets fighting crime is, according to the police – violent dangerous working environment, threats, stress and low pay.

Swedish government has promised a increase of police employees from today´s 20000 to 30000 by the year 2024. There is no indication today that the Swedish government will get close to meeting that target.

“Today I have been working all day in Gothenburg without seeing one single police car besides my own” – says police officer Jeanette Banås in an interview.

Some parts of northern Sweden are completely out of police presence. Municipals with 50-60000 citizens can have only 1 single police patrol car during weekdays nights.

Source: Polistidningen

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