Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Regarding Sweden’s Soaring Crime Rate – “Its a Class Problem, Not a Immigration problem”

In a interview with Expressen 2/8 Prime Minister Stefan Löfven concludes that the soaring violent crime rate in Sweden is caused by class differences – not immigration. Mr. Löfven goes on saying that crimes has nothing to do with were you come from or which ethical group you belong to. Main cause of crimes are class differences.

Its unacceptable that “small gangsters” and “small popes” are allowed to limit ordinary peoples freedom says Mr Löfven and urges society to take deceive action.

Stefan Löfven has received hard criticism for his statements and reluctance to admit the real problem – even from the Social Democrats own newspaper Aftonbladet. In an editorial pice yesterday Jonna Sima askes – “Is Löfven sleeping at his meetings?

The opposition leader for the right-liberal party Moderaterna Ulf Kristersson comments Stefan Löfvens statements by saying – its unbelievable that Löfven does not see the connection between crime and immigration.

If the Swedish state can not control “small gangsters” and “small popes” how will the state be able to control terrorist, drug cartel’s and mafia clans?

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