Minister in the Afghanistan Government Registered on Swedish Address – Received Parental Leave Welfare Checks

Dr. Fazel Mahmood Fazly is a former advisor to the afghanistan president. His present function is “General Director of the Administrative Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghhanistan”.

According to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Fazly immigrated to Sweden in 2009. He has since worked as a doctor within the Swedish healthcare system and is today a Swedish citizen. In parallell he has pursued a successfull career in Afghanistan, leading to his present position. But he is still registered on a Swedish address and received parental leave welfare checks as late as 2018.

Dr. Fazly is not the first government official in a Middle eastern country to be registered on a Swedish address. A similar incident occured with the Iraqi minister o defense, Najah al-Shammari, who is a Swedish citizen and was registered on a Swedish address while working for the Iraqi governemnt. He is currently under investigation in Sweden for fraud with welfare checks.

In order to receive a Swedish citizenship, a migrant is required to have lived steadily in Sweden only for 5 years, apart from having lived an orderly life.


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