Only 9 (6) Years Prison Sentence for Murder, Robbery and Kidnapping

A 18-year old man receives only 9 (6) years prison sentence for brutal murder, robbery and kidnapping in Ånge. All convicted criminals in Sweden are realest on paroll after serving 2/3 of the sentence. The convicted murderer is a free man after only 6 years in prison. Source: SVT

Schoolteacher Kidnapped and Assaulted by Armed Iraqi Citizen

A 27 year old Iraqi citizen has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and assault. The victim a teacher at Lövgärdesskolan in Gothenburg. The incident took place Tuesday last week. The perpetrator had previously been charge with attempted murder but acquitted due to lack of evidence. Source: GT NI

Swedish School Fires Among the Highest in the World

Gullviksskolan in Malmoe was deliberately set on fire Saturday 29/8. On Monday 31/8 in Skillingaryd yet another Swedish school was deliberately set on fire during daytime. The school was evacuated. The police are investigating arson attempts for both incidents. Finance magazine Dagens Industri had an article 2018 were they showed that school fires had increase … Continue reading Swedish School Fires Among the Highest in the World