Head of Swedish Police Anders Thornberg Publish an Open Letter to the Public Describing a Country in Turmoil

Head of police Anders Thornberg published on Saturday August 29 an open letter to the Swedish public and establishment. Anders Thornberg describes the recent development as catastrophic and a threat to our society.

Thornberg speaks of the high violent crime level, killing of children, roadblocks and checkpoints, immigrant mafia gangs, bombings and violent riots.

Thornberg urges the Swedish government, authorities, municipals and the general public to take decisive action to stop the deterioration of society.

-Criminals must disappear from our streets and neighborhoods, says Thornberg. Basically what he´s saying is Sweden´s migration policy need to change dramatically. Criminal migrants and illegal aliens must return to their home countries.

Thornberg goes on describing the police organization being under extreme pressure and many police officers are on the breaking point.

In recent years Sweden have had a extreme population growth. In 20 years population has grown from about 8 million to 10 million. The number of police officers has not increased that much. Today there are only about 20.000 police officers in Sweden. This is only 2 police for every 1.000 citizen and the lowest in western world.

Swedish police is underfunded and undermanned. Many police officers quit their job due to heavy workload, low pay and threats from criminals.

(Google Translation of Anders Thornbergs open letter published on Swedish police website.)

The development of violence is extremely serious

In recent times, there have been serious incidents and serious acts of violence with links to criminal networks where several people have been murdered and others seriously injured. Society must put its foot down to break development.

In Stockholm, two people have been murdered in the past week, and in Gothenburg, criminal groups have tried to demonstrate power by controlling vehicles that have entered certain districts. Earlier in August, an innocent 12-year-old girl was murdered in a criminal settlement and conflicts in various criminal networks and other ruthless crime are also taking place in other parts of the country. During Friday night, a violent riot also occurred in Malmö where several police officers were injured. In other parts of the country, demonstrations are held without a permit, which disrupts order and takes resources from the police. It has a great impact on society and on the work of the police.

– We have a tough operational situation for the police in Sweden. Now it is a matter of society joining forces behind the police. We will continue to fight organized crime with all the tools we have available. Other good forces in society, everything from municipal officials and civil society to law enforcement agencies and not least the general public, also need to focus on meeting the current situation. The police must ensure that the criminals are arrested and can be prosecuted. The criminals need to disappear from our streets and squares so that no more ruthless crimes are committed. When this happens, it is necessary for the rest of society to gather strength so that it is not replenished and for more young men to be recruited into crime. We jointly prioritize our limited resources throughout Sweden to use them for our main mission. Our mission is to keep the whole of Sweden safe and secure,says National Police Chief Anders Thornberg.

Several measures have been implemented for a long time with the aim of breaking the negative trend with serious acts of violence. The purposeful and intensive work continues and the police shift up as much as possible, especially in the big cities, to break into the gang conflicts. The police have developed their methods with even more focus on serious criminal and criminal individuals. The survey, which is carried out together with other authorities, aims to limit the impact of criminal networks. When society puts pressure on the serious criminals, there is a risk of an escalation, something that is clearly visible now.

–  The everyday life many police officers are faced with when they go to work right now is worrying and very tiring. We work intensively, around the clock, despite the severe violence continuing. The police are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not give up and we do not back down, but the situation is currently very stressful, says National Police Chief Anders Thornberg

Link to police chief Anders Thornbergs open letter.

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