Two Young Boys Tortured and Raped by Immigrants in Stockholm

A horrific crime happen Saturday night 22 Augusti in Solna Stockholm. Two young boys sixteenth years of age were on the way home from a friends birthday party. They called their parents around 11 PM said they would be home in about 15 minutes.

When they did´t come home their parents called the police. Police said not to worry and that everything would be fine. One parent when out in the middle of the night looking for the kids on a bicycle without finding them.

At 9 AM parents got a call from the hospital.

This is what happen. On their way home from the birthday party they passed a cemetery were they were attacked by two young immigrants. They were knocked down with a shovel and dragged into the woods.

They were stripped from their cloths. for almost 9 hours they were beaten, tortured and raped. The immigrants then tried to bury the teenagers alive.

The young boys were luckily able to escape Sunday morning when a bypasser walked by the crime scene.

Two immigrants age 18 and 21 were arrested for the crime. The 21 year old perpetrator was convicted this summer for arson setting a car sales company on fire with Molotov cocktails. Prison sentence for that crime was only 1.5 years. Quite amazingly, he had not yet started serving his sentence for that crime and was still a free man. Swedish courts generally convict young offenders with very low sentences. All convicted in Sweden only need to serve 2/3 och the sentence.

Due to the explosion of violent crimes in Sweden over the last decade, and especially the past 5 years Swedish courts can´t handle the high amount of crime cases. Prisons in Sweden are full so convicted criminals are let out on the streets to await servicing their sentences. Brutal criminals convicted of murder are put in open institutions were they easily can escape.

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